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You're Getting Married! Congratulation!


You are about to commence on a time treasured journey - starting with your wedding day. It is the start of your life as a committed partnership, with unconditional love and the plan of sharing life together. 


Your wedding day can be an intimate ceremony for just the two of you, or it can be a celebration for you to share with family and friends.


As an Interfaith Minister, I love working with couples to create a customized wedding ceremony, integrating all that is necessary for your special wedding day. 


Your ceremony can be as elaborate as you like, weaving spiritual paths, family traditions and cultural traditions into a beautiful tapestry for you to remember while you share all of these aspects of your life with your guests. 


Or it can be something new, created just for the two of you, as you look for opportunities to share who you are to each other as well as for your guests to witness.


Either way, tradition or new fashioned, I would love to work with you to create this special day.


Commonly and comfortably, it usually takes 1 or 2 meetings (each 1 hour +/-), a rehearsal (with all your participants, if applicable) culminating with the wedding ceremony**. 


If you are looking for something that does not allow or involve the time and preparation for a custom ceremony, I can offer you a standard wedding ceremony. This usually involves one meeting followed by the wedding day ceremony.


Your wedding day is special and will be remembered by you and all of those whom you share your day.


Contact me for availability, a free consultation and fees.


Joyfully Yours,

Rev. Laurence


** Custom wedding ceremonies referenced in the ** paragraph start at $300.00. Some 'ready made' ceremonies will cost less. Feel free to ask me and inquire which style of ceremony would be best for you special day.


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