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musical chairs (TM)       NO HANDICAP TO DANCE

""" The best part of dancing is that it is wonderful and real for both standing and seated dancers, giving families, lovers, and friends a whole new way to connect and have a great time with one another.”   

   Quote by Melinda Kremer,

       Director of American DanceWheels Foundation, Inc.


Wheelchairs are no longer a barrier to dance. Dancers with wheelchairs take classes and perform all over the world. Wheelchair assisted and mobility concerned people have a place in the dance world.


Musical Chairs TM is a wonderful program offering people with mobility concerns an oppportunity to dance! Whether in wheelchairs, assisted by walkers, or those choosing to take class seated and those restricted to rolling assisted beds have the opportunity to dance and be with other friends and neighbors or just hang out listening to the music provides joy and fellowship to many people who live in residential care facilities and community. Whether the facility is full a time assisted living, adult day care program, a community center or a business with employees with mobility and physical concerns, Musical Chairs TM makes people happy, healthy and engaged in life more fully.


There is no handicap to dance.


Each class takes the particpant through a dancer's journey.


Typical Class Agenda:


  • Breathing Exercises - preparing the mind.

  • Warm Up & Isolation Movements - preparing the body, safely.

  • Creating Movement Language - learning names for gestures.

  • Combinations - routines for mental stimulation.

  • Cool Redo - review of gestures, slow placed for memory and movement association.

  • Cool Down - Tai Chi styled movements to collect body/mind based on Tai Chi for Joint Health

  • Sweep - gestures of personal and group appreciation of gratiude to close the class.


Last, and most importantly:


Do you have a friend or loved one in a residential care facility or adult daycare program who might enjoy this program? To get more information, please contact me directly. 


Do you know of a community center or a place of employment that would benefit from this program? I would be grateful to give you, or your organization, further details to get Musical Chairs TM up and running. Contact me for a free consulation. 



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