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I teach group classes and give private lessons in Ballroom dance, Latin American dance and specialty dances such as West Coast Swing, Salsa, etc. for beginner students through competition-level dancers. 

I offer two new dance movement programs. Musical Chairs (TM) and WheelChair Ballroom and Latin American Dance (as certified through American DanceWheels). Musical Chairs is currently running at the Barron Center and at St Joseph's manor, both are residential healthcare facilities. If you would like information on bringing this class to your family or friends residential center or community center, drop me a note and I will be happy to provide this amazing class. 


This program gives everyone a chance to exercise, breathe, move what they can  - and be a dancer.


For more details on Musical Chairs (TM) and WheelChair Ballroom and Latin Dance American dancing, click this link and/or send me an email or call.

I am also available for styling classes, dance demos, choreography, children's programs and special events such as college social dances, showcases, and dance cruises.


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