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​classes              PRIVATE LESSONS 



A Private Lesson is one or two people with the teacher.


Lessons taken at my location:

Sessions at 45 minutes. 

Cost - $60.00 / session (or) $110.00 for a double session (1.5 hours)

Double lessons are available for couples only.

Lessons are held at: 

Aquarius Ballroom - 62 Forest Avenue, Portland Maine


Lessons taken at your location:

Sessions are 1 hour.

Cost - $80.00 / session in Portland and South Portland, Maine

~Locations out of the Portland and South Portland Maine will be charged a travel fee that ranges from $10.00-40.00.

~Distances further than 30 minutes from Portland may be required to take 1.5/2 hour sessions.


A Private Group is a collected group of folks that you put together. These private group lessons can be at your location or at my location. Since it is your 'private group', you can choose the date and time of your class and the frequency you want to have the lessons. It can be a one time lesson at a special party for you and your friends, or it can be an ongoing project with your group. Contact me for details on pricing and availability.


Master Classes, Workshops and Competition/Performance Coaching.

Have your studio host a Master Class, Workshop or offer private sessions for Pro-Am and Am-Am partnerships. Ask your studio owner to contact me for more details.




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