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                                 Reiki Level 1 Class Prospectus

Here is a brief outline of what my Reiki Level 1 class will cover.


Definitions and Concepts of Reiki:

     What is Reiki?

     What do people think about Reiki?

     How does Reiki work?


History of Reiki:

     How Reiki came to the West.

     How Reiki is used in medical facilities and institutions.

     Where Reiki is now in our culture and the world.


Discussions on how Reiki can be used:

     As an integrated healing modality for health care practitioners.

     As a personal spiritual practice.

     As a meditation practice.

     As a healing modality for self and others.

     As a stress reducer and relaxation method for self and others.


Reiki Hand Postions:

     For self treatment.

     For the treatment of others.

     Variations commonly used by Reiki practitioners.


Japanese Techniques:



     Joshin Kokyu-Ho

     Gassho Meditation






     What is an attunement?

     What does the student need dto do for the attunement?

     Simply Stated - The attunement could be considered the most important part of any Reiki Class in all three levels of Reiki that one can study. The transference of Reiki from master/teacher happens in a 'rite of passage' where the master/teacher channels the Reiki into the student by a time honored ritual - The Attunement. This is usually done one on one with the teacher and student.


Cost for Reiki Level 1 - $150.00


Reiki Level 1 is a full day program. Max student enrollment 6. Minimum 3 (dependent on facility)


If you are interested in becoming a Reiki Practitioner, contact me for details for class times and locations. Discounts for  those who put their own class together. If you would like to put together a class, there is a minimum of  4 people. Travel conditions apply if the class is outside of the Portland Metro Area.






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